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When a loved one has COPD or another chronic lung disease, knowing how to balance taking care of them and yourself can be difficult. This page provides helpful resources for caregivers including guides on helping your loved one quit smoking and how to take time out of your day for yourself.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), you may have a lot of questions. This page is a great resource for learning about all aspects of the disease including talking to your doctor, flare-up signs and symptoms, and disease management.

If you have a chronic lung disease, you know that staying healthy plays an important part in managing your symptoms and overall well-being. The right exercise methods, diet, and other techniques can help you stay healthy with chronic lung disease and get you back to doing the things you love.

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Recent Articles

Life with COPD: 3 Ways to Wear a Scarf This Winter

Posted by Do More With Oxygen on Thu, Dec 18, 2014

If you’re looking for a way to keep warm when you go out or simply want to stay a little warmer indoors, these three ways to wear a scarf can make life with COPD a little more cozy, and even fashionable1.

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Topics: Staying Healthy

Pulmonary Rehab 101

Posted by Do More With Oxygen on Tue, Dec 16, 2014

If you’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic lung disease such as COPD or if you’re just starting to do some research on how to better your chronic lung disease symptoms, you may have heard a lot about pulmonary rehabilitation, or pulmonary rehab. So what is pulmonary rehab and just how can it help you1? Read on to find out!

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Topics: Staying Healthy

COPD Recipes: Baked French Toast with Pecans

Posted by Do More With Oxygen on Thu, Dec 11, 2014

Whether you’re entertaining guests in the morning or are simply looking for a little morning treat to warm you up, this French toast recipe makes a family favorite so much easier—no dipping and frying! You’ll need to prepare part of this recipe the night before, so be sure to plan ahead1.

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Topics: Staying Healthy

2 Easy, Homemade Holiday Gifts

Posted by Do More With Oxygen on Tue, Dec 9, 2014

Whether you don’t have the time or energy to go out shopping this season or you simply prefer the feeling of a homemade gift, here are two easy homemade holiday gift ideas that are sure to be hits with anyone in your family.


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