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When a loved one has COPD or another chronic lung disease, knowing how to balance taking care of them and yourself can be difficult. This page provides helpful resources for caregivers including guides on helping your loved one quit smoking and how to take time out of your day for yourself.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), you may have a lot of questions. This page is a great resource for learning about all aspects of the disease including talking to your doctor, flare-up signs and symptoms, and disease management.

If you have a chronic lung disease, you know that staying healthy plays an important part in managing your symptoms and overall well-being. The right exercise methods, diet, and other techniques can help you stay healthy with chronic lung disease and get you back to doing the things you love.

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Caregivers: Watch Out for Signs of Burnout

By Do More With Oxygen

Tue, Nov 7, 2017

Caregivers: Watch Out for Signs of Burnout

The role of caregiver is a demanding task with a long list of responsibilities. It is easy to let those responsibilities get the best of you. However, it is important to watch for and recognize the signs of burnout and to ask for help if you are experiencing any of the below signs.

Lack of Interest

If you are overwhelmed by the responsibilities associated with your role of caregiver, even the things that used to interest you – like reading a book or painting – can seem like a burden. If you start to notice that the things that use to interest you are turning into items on your to-do list, consider taking a step back to recharge.

Consistently Ill

Your immune system can take a hit when you are under too much stress. If you feel like you are always sick or you can’t get rid of the cold you came down with weeks ago, it may be time to ask for some help with your caregiving duties and allow yourself some time to get healthy again.

Diet Change

Have you noticed that your eating habits have changed? Does your typically healthy diet now include more potato chips than carrots? Are you missing multiple meals or feeling like you don’t have an appetite? These changes in your diet can be the result of stress.


If you find yourself wanting to be left alone and not wanting to interact with others – even your family and friends – your role as a caregiver may be draining you. Take a step back and seek support and help from others.

Changes in Sleep

Were you previously a morning person who now finds it hard to wake up in the morning? Are you having trouble falling asleep and waking up throughout the night? These changes in sleeping patterns or disruptions in sleep can be a sign that you are overwhelmed with all your responsibilities.

Yoga for COPD

Source: www.agingcare.com Accessed: 10/16/17

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