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When a loved one has COPD or another chronic lung disease, knowing how to balance taking care of them and yourself can be difficult. This page provides helpful resources for caregivers including guides on helping your loved one quit smoking and how to take time out of your day for yourself.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), you may have a lot of questions. This page is a great resource for learning about all aspects of the disease including talking to your doctor, flare-up signs and symptoms, and disease management.

If you have a chronic lung disease, you know that staying healthy plays an important part in managing your symptoms and overall well-being. The right exercise methods, diet, and other techniques can help you stay healthy with chronic lung disease and get you back to doing the things you love.

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How to Get a Handle on the Work-Life Balance

By Do More With Oxygen

Tue, Apr 11, 2017

How to get a handle on the work-life balance

If you have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), then you are probably aware of the time management needed to treat and manage a chronic disease. This can be especially difficult if you maintain a work life, as well. The five tips listed below can help you get a handle on the work-life balance.

  1. Remember to Relax – In stressful times, relaxation can go a long way. Be sure to take some time for yourself so that you can stay energized and focused.
  2. Strategize Your Errands – Consider whether or not there are ways in which you can combine your errands and household duties. Can you order your groceries online and pick them up? Can you hire a teenager in the neighborhood to mow your lawn?
  3. Pencil in Downtime – Start each week by scheduling time to do something enjoyable. Then, build in your responsibilities, events, and errands around that. Try scheduling a reoccurring time each week to spend time with your family or plan a time each month to hang out with your friends.
  4. Weed out the Wastes of Time – Take some time to reflect on whether or not the ways you are spending your time are actually furthering or enhancing your personal life or career. If not, then it may be an area where you can cut time spent and use it toward another area where you’d like to give more of yourself and your time.
  5. Make Time for Exercise – When you’re short on time it may seem like eliminating time for exercise is the obvious choice. However, exercise can actually help you be more productive and can aid in keeping you more alert throughout the day.

Ultimate COPD Guide

Source: WebMD, Accessed: 1/9/17

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