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When a loved one has COPD or another chronic lung disease, knowing how to balance taking care of them and yourself can be difficult. This page provides helpful resources for caregivers including guides on helping your loved one quit smoking and how to take time out of your day for yourself.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), you may have a lot of questions. This page is a great resource for learning about all aspects of the disease including talking to your doctor, flare-up signs and symptoms, and disease management.

If you have a chronic lung disease, you know that staying healthy plays an important part in managing your symptoms and overall well-being. The right exercise methods, diet, and other techniques can help you stay healthy with chronic lung disease and get you back to doing the things you love.

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Keep Yourself and Your Oxygen Safe this Winter

By Do More With Oxygen

Tue, Nov 21, 2017

Keep Yourself and Your Oxygen Safe this Winter

With cooler days ahead, it is time to start thinking about how the cooler weather can affect both you and your oxygen system. Talk to your oxygen provider and use these tips to help keep you and your oxygen system safe this winter.

Consider What’s in the Products You’re Using

During the cooler winter months, you may find your skin and lips drying out more frequently. Before reaching for a bottle of lotion or tube of chapstick, consider what ingredients can be found in those products. Lotions and chapsticks that are petroleum-based can cause negative reactions for oxygen users, leaving burns on or around the areas where they are applied. Try finding products that are water-based or contain aloe vera or cocoa butter.

Bundle Up

Just as you need to bundle up for a trip outside into the cold, so does your oxygen tank. Sudden changes in temperature created when you transfer from inside to outside can leave your oxygen system prone to damage. Be sure to wrap your oxygen system in a thermal covering, as condensation from the change in temperature can cause damage to your tank. To avoid cracks in your tubing, tuck it inside your clothing when going out into the cold. If your oxygen system uses batteries, exposure to freezing temperatures can cause them to lose power. Travel with additional batteries and keep them insulated when outside.

Stay Away from Excessive Heat

Cooler weather means that you’ll likely be using a variety of methods to product heat and keep your home warm. Be aware that sources that product open flames – candles, fireplaces, wood and gas stoves – can be a serious safety hazard if they come in contact with oxygen systems.

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