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7 Things You Can Do With Portable Oxygen

Don't let an oxygen prescription change your life.

An oxygen prescription can be life-changing, but it doesn't have to limit you. Portable oxygen allows you to have the mobility and independence that you need to get out and moving more often. Now you can continue to work outside the home, travel, participate in social activities, play sports, socialize and maintain your independent lifestyle.

Convenience and discretion are important to oxygen users and portable oxygen solutions offer options to receive the oxygen you need in a small, quiet and easy-to-use device.

Using Oxygen as Prescribed

Studies have shown that oxygen therapy can dramatically improve a patient's health and quality of life. The results of the NOTT study (Nocturnal Oxygen Therapy Trial) re-analysis found that using oxygen at least 12 hours per day, every day, along with simple exercise increased the patient’s life span compared to patients who only used oxygen for 12 hours a day with no exercise.

Patients who did not use oxygen therapy for more than 12 hours a day were twice as likely to have a shorter life span and also spent more time in the hospital. The study shows that simple exercise, in the form of walking, is an important part of a longer life.

Freedom with Portable Oxygen

Portable oxygen allows those in need of oxygen therapy to get out of their home, participate in hobbies, exercise and meet family and friends without ever having to stop therapy treatment. Portable oxygen can help you:

  • Feel comfortable in your home – No need to worry about being tethered to a 50-foot cord or watching for tripping hazards for yourself and others.
  • Travel – Board a plane, boat, or any other means of transportation with FAA approved portable oxygen.
  • Stay social – Head out to a baseball game, go grocery shopping, join your family for a church service, or enjoy your company’s summer picnic—you don’t have to miss out on anything that interests you.

Easy-to-use, unlimited supply of oxygen

Portable oxygen concentrators provide an unlimited oxygen supply without the need for tank deliveries. With portable oxygen concentrators, oxygen is concentrated from the air around you so you never run out. The Invacare® HomeFill® system allows unlimited and simple tank refills right from the comfort of your home so you can fill them at your own convenience. There are no confusing control panels, just simple, intuitive regulators. Plus, each system is quiet, light and convenient so you can use your oxygen comfortably and discreetly.