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better-breathers-club-copdWhether you have chronic lung disease or are a caregiver for someone who struggles with it, the Do More With Oxygen Community is a great resource for information to help those with chronic lung disease live a happy and active lifestyle.

General Information on Chronic Lung Diseases

If you have a chronic lung disease such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, Alpha-1 or pulmonary fibrosis, you may have a lot of questions on how to best take care of yourself when it comes to these diseases. The Do More With Oxygen Community has great information on:

  • Staying Healthy with Chronic Lung Disease
  • Pet Companions
  • Preventing Exacerbations and Knowing the Signs
  • Eating Healthy and Nutrition Tips
  • Exercising
  • General Health Information


Being a caregiver is no easy task, but the Do More With Oxygen Community has plenty of resources, and a designated caregiver section that can help guide you on topics such as:

  • Helping Loved Ones Quit Smoking
  • Managing Stress
  • Caring for Oxygen Users
  • Understanding COPD

Oxygen Users

Staying active with oxygen can seem tough. Review the blog feed and downloads on oxygen therapy for tips and information on:

  • Exercising with Oxygen
  • Traveling with Oxygen
  • Connecting with Oxygen Users
  • Treatment and Delivery Options
  • Oxygen Safety

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